Obama Admits Major 2020 Democrat Mistake – Barry Says They Lost A Big Audience Over Defund The Police - World Information 24
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Obama Admits Major 2020 Democrat Mistake – Barry Says They Lost A Big Audience Over Defund The Police

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Now that it’s December, we are seeing the aftermath of the 2020 Election, and 2020 overall. And it’s not what Democrats expected.

The media isn’t talking about the big losses the left suffered this election. Republicans outperformed in the House, Senate, and many state governments.

And Obama was forced to admit things could have gone much better for his party. But they chose to push an agenda that not even he would have touched.

It has everything to do with a blunder from the summer. From Fox News:

Former President Barack Obama had some harsh criticism for the “Defund the police” movement in an online interview scheduled to be released in three parts this week.

“You lost a big audience the minute you say it,” Obama said of the anti-police effort, adding that “snappy” slogans may draw attention but it “makes it a lot less likely that you’re actually going to get the changes you want done.”

Barack Obama criticized Democrats for their defund police push over this year. He called it a “snappy” slogan that lost a lot of supporters.

Funny how Obama didn’t bother to condemn this movement back in June. Democrats from all corners of the country were virtue signaling their support for defunding police departments.

We saw immediately how this may have hurt communities, as crime spiked all over the country and riots and looting hurt many cities.

Couldn’t have Obama said something to his party back then? He is, after all, a major Democratic figure. He’s a former president, for crying out loud.

If Democrats won’t listen to Obama, who will they listen to?

But perhaps Obama didn’t say anything back then because his criticism of the anti-police movement is brand new? Maybe he was all on board for slashing police budgets back in the summer.

Only now, perhaps, does he realize what a bad idea that is… because of the massive political losses his party suffered.

If only he bothered to correct his fellow Democrats months ago? Many people’s livelihoods might still be intact.